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How do we recommend using your water?

Half of the battle when cleaning water is finding appropriate ways to put newly cleaned water to work. You don't want to haphazardly dump water somewhere ineffective or flood an empty field where the water won't be put to use. After cleaning water with our water purification system, it is possible to use it for:

  • Water flood treatment - Improving injection pressures and oil production
  • Fracking - Our system can be used in fracking operations to reuse frac water continuously in the gas and oil industry
  • Agricultural - Our system can effectively clean many types water without any chemicals for agricultural uses
  • Drinking - In many cases our technology can provide you with safe drinking water

We clean water without adding any additional chemicals to it, making it possible to use it for multiple purposes. With only a 1% discharge on wastewater, we're able to make converting water simple and efficient. Email us today if you have any questions about our oil field water cleaning system.